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Updated: May 15, 2022

2nd Head Rice is one of the most difficult factors to analyze in an accurate and consistent way. Per the USDA standard, the 2nd Head contains at least 75% broken kernels. Broken kernels defined as less than ¾ of whole kernel length. Vibe created a new 2nd Head Rice Calibration with Chuck Britton, a Grain inspection and quality assurance expert who served over 41 years with the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS), this calibration measures a sample of 25 grams and within less than a minute report on Whole kernels, Broken, Chalky and damages.

USDA Rice and by-products Weekly Pricing Report


in the example below, the Rice sample contains 2.2g of Whole Kernel and 7.35 g of Broken Kernels, expected results should be 23% of Whole Kernels and 77% of 2nd Head.


1. We Analyzed two separate samples of the whole Kernel and Broken. Results are: 76.23% Broken and 23.77% Whole Kernel


2. We Mixed the two samples of the whole Kernel and 2nd Head and Analyzed them. Results are 76.37% Broken and 23.63% Whole Kernel.


Results are aligned with the sample weights of 2.2g Whole Kernels vs. 7.35 g Broken Kernels, equal to 23% and 77% of Weight.


The USDA standard for U.S. No 1 to 5 above defines the 2nd Head Chalky and Damage levels and supported by the Vibe QM3 Grain Analyzer.


Thank you for reading so far,

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are happy to schedule an online live demo and provide free sample analysis and reports.

We have calibrations for Paddy (Rough), Brown, Milled and Parboiled: Short, Medium, Long, Basmati, Arborio, Wild, Red, Jasmine, Forbidden variety

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