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99.5% Accuracy and Repeatability

The Vibe QM rice analyzer is an easy to use analysis and Inspection Instrument.

It measures, counts, and classifies the rice size, shape, and color.

The objective results are absolute, accurate and repeatble

Meets all quality standards and customer specific requirement

Supports All Rice Types

Comply with FDA Food Safety
Modernization Act (FSMA)



Key Features & capabilities:

  • % Broken kernels (Accuracy<0.5%)

  • Precise rice measurements

  • Size analysis per each kernel:

    • Length

    • Width

    • Area

    • Length to Width Ratio

  • Damaged kernel detection:

    • Chalky

    • Black spots

    • Yellow (Stain and damaged by heat) 

    • Red  (Heat damaged)

    • Green kernels

  • Kernel count

  • 1,000 kernels weight

  • Rice type classification

  • 1000+ kernels rice test

  • Rice quality tester for any rice type

  • Detailed reports at the sample level and at the grain level


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