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Food Processing and Digital Inspection

Updated: May 12, 2022

The Vibe QM3 Grain Analyzer helps companies to improve their business where Visual Inspection is part of the standard operating procedures.

Incoming inspection at the gate is required to ensure that you are receiving the right level of grain quality at the right cost from your vendors. Validation for no presence of disease, fungus and bacteria is essential to ensuring food safety and protecting your entire inventory from infection. Grain trading require a special attention to blending practices, normally mixed with different grain type, quality and age. In volume, every 1% count and impacts the company’s financial results.

The same principles apply to the next stations in the production and packing lines. The transition to digital inspection provides clear ROI (Return on Investment) and benefits. Manual process requires professional skills, takes about 20 – 30 minutes with margin of error in the range of 20-30% compared to Digital Inspection that requires operator level skills, takes less than a minute with 99.5% accurate results. In addition, the instrument digital records provides an opportunities for data driven communication and traceability with your vendors, customers and the company departments: Quality, Operation, Finance and management for better control, faster escalation and problem solving.

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