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New Business Model to the Grain Visual Inspection, Post-Harvest Supply Chain

Updated: May 12, 2022


It all started with a customer comment, “…the technology is moving so fast that all my new lab equipment becomes obsolete within a short time. What about the cable TV business model? You provide me the hardware and make sure that I’m up and running all the time. “. So, I pushed what else? The customer continued – "I prefer to pay from my OPEX (Operational Expense) Budget, not from my CAPEX (Capital Expenses) budget. I don’t like unexpected expenses, and I like to use the latest product, and of course, I want to get the best support and customer service. Otherwise, I will shut you down". The last sentence felt like a cold shower, but I knew that the best ideas come from customers. So, we invested the time internally to think about it, talked to few other customers, and tried different options on a small scale. For companies who sell products, switching to a subscription model is pretty traumatic, like funding the initial costs and ensuring the ongoing payments. But when we put everything together, a subscription model is the best long-term approach for the customer, lower risk - no investment upfront, free warranty, and software upgrade, and the right to stop the service at any time. For us, a more straightforward sale process, recurring revenue, and long-term relationships with our customers. We built a transparent deal and are ready to rock with our customers.


Appreciate your comments and feedback. Please feel free to contact me via email at


The new model:

1. Pay for four months upfront. Option to cancel at any time. No hidden fees.

2. Get the Vibe QM3i with a lifetime warranty and software upgrades. Our support team help you with installation, training, and analysis

3. Enjoy Immediate benefits in operation flexibility, quality, and yield control

Example: Vibe QM3i Rice Analyzer: Get a Certificate of analysis in 1 minute: Head rice, Broken, Chalky, Damages, Rice types. For Paddy, Brown, Milled, Parboiled, Steamed, Red, Wild, Basmati; Long, Medium, Short.

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