QM3 Data Had a Stronger Positive Correlation with Manual FDK Values than other Phenotypic Platforms

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

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San Francisco, October 2017, I’m on the stage for the Terra Rabobank and Rocketspace Cohort II kickoff in front of about 200 Agriculture and Food stakeholders. These 10 minutes, on-stage presentations are not my favorite, but this time it is about a pilot and a business opportunity for Vibe with a big corporation in the grain supply chain. The presentation went OK, the same with the first questions and answers session. "I have a question." Someone at the last row raised his hand. “Can you test for Mycotoxin?”. I had heard this name before and even read about it, a harmful toxin for humans and animals, produced by a fungus, and it can cause disease and death, but now on the stage, I couldn't even pronounce the name when I replied. “I don’t know, we need to test it first, but if it is visible, we can.” The comment "aha," followed by "interesting" made a visible warmth of embarrassment spread across my face.