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Quinoa Grain Analysis | Vibe Imaging Analytics Use Case

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Quinoa analysis can be done more quickly, more reliably and with greater accuracy than ever thanks to the AI-powered equipment and imaging analytics software delivered by Vibe Imaging Analytics. Whether you are working on quinoa research, agriculture, procurement or wholesale purchasing, sample analysis of quinoa can be done in under a minute.

  • Use Cases: Quinoa Research, Breeding, Processing, Packing

  • Accurate Measurements of seed Length, Width, Length/ Width Ratio, area and perimeter at 50- Microns ( 0.002”) accuracy.

  • Classifications on a seed and sample level. Based on colors for normal and damages combined with seed shape

  • Assess sample for damages

Quinoa Grain Analysis Overview Powered by Vibe Imaging Analytics

Food CPG (Consumer Good Product) companies need to deliver consistent product to their consumers.

For example: for a prepared meal such as Riviana’s 5 minutes meal, or General Mills’s Cheerios and Quinoa Cereal, the ratio of the grain weight will affect the customer experience including product consistency, cooking and preparation time, taste and texture.

In addition to creating consistent and reliable customer experience, food companies are required to watch their budget and margins as the raw material cost varies depending on the grain type.

In a typical process, the quality engineer will take one sample from the production line every hour, then he or she will manually separate and weight the different grains .This process take about 1 hour.

With Vibe Imaging Analytics equipment and software, the process of quinoa analysis takes less than 1 minute.

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