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EQUInom is a seed breeding and technology company utilizing DNA sequencing and proprietary algorithms to achieve speed, accuracy, and economics that were previously not achievable in traditional seed breeding processes.  As a result, EQUInom has been able to develop superior varieties of sesame and quinoa that enable modern, cost effective production methods whilst simultaneously enhancing the nutritional value of the grain.


We selected the Vibe QM Instrument as it is the only one that was able to provide size and color analysis in one single measurement. The QM Instrument information is accurate and provides essential information for each seed during our research and development activities.  We would like to thank you for your efforts and flexibility and providing us great support to meet our needs and requirements.



When VIBE presented their QM system, we recognized quickly the huge potential.  The technology allows us to test the color and size of a sample in one tenth of the time it takes an person to check.  An additional advantage of the systems capabilities is that it allows the laboratory process to become automated, without the need for unnecessary paperwork as all the data is transferred directly to the company’s databases.  This further enables the effectiveness and efficiency of communication between suppliers and customers of the company. 

We believe that VIBE has a breakthrough product, which has allowed us to increase both the quality and efficient of our laboratory work.


IFTACH WEINSTEIN, Factory Manager, Sugat

I am the principal investigator in the Wheat Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Institute for Cereal Crop Improvement in Tel Aviv.

My research integrates basic and applied projects to advance wheat science and to develop improved wheat varieties.  As we searched for ways to improve our phenotypic evaluations of grains from our field experiments, we recognized the potential of the VIBE QM to perform precise and efficient dimension and color analysis. After working with the system for more than a year, we are very pleased with the system performance and functionality.  It has enabled us to improve and upgrade our phenotyping capabilities and thus allowing us to reach more accurate conclusions.  In addition, the team at VIBE was fully supportive and helped us with every question we had along the way.



We contacted VIBE and asked for products with a very short lead time to support one of our manufacturing lines. Not only did Vibe meet our delivery requirements, they were also able to support the installation of the system within a very short space of time, enabling significant productivity improvements.  As a result of these improvements and our confidence in the long term reliability of the product we subsequently ordered an additional two systems.


VIBE committed to very high levels of support to ensure that the project was a success based on the original specification agreements.  Based on VIBE’s experience and applications knowledge it was recommended that an additional laboratory system be installed.  This system was used to perform offline tests during the processing stage that enabled us to adjust our equipment to the optimal settings.  VIBE was able to present a perfect solution called VIBE QM.  This system had capabilities that far exceeded our expectations, based on our prior experience in the fields of calibration and the use of sorting machines in our production lines. In our opinion, the VIBE QM could become a standard in the worldwide spice industry.


AVISHAY MORDECHOVITZ, Operations Manager, S.D.A. Spice

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