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Vibe Platform for Quality Control, Food Safety, and Process Improvement

Vision of Things(TM) is a powerful machine vision platform that can inspect various materials. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including image acquisition, image processing, data analysis, visualization, and reporting. it is compatible with various devices, including cameras and sensors, and supports Panchromatic, Hyper, and Multispectral modes across visible and invisible ranges. It can be accessed and operated on devices such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and the cloud. Applications, for example:

Phenotyping: measure and quantify the physical properties of seeds, such as colors, dimensions, shape, and texture. This information can be used to select seeds with desirable traits, such as improving crop yield and quality and reducing environmental impact.

Grading: facilitates the evaluation of grain quality to determine the commercial value of a shipment and ensure it meets trade contract requirements. It assesses grain classes such as normal, damaged, foreign materials, and expected final product yield. This helps ensure quality, food safety, and processing efficiency and reduces business risks.

Process Control: identify potential problems in the processing line, such as cleaning, milling, and packing, and take proactive corrective action before they cause damage to the final product. This can help improve efficiency, reduce financial risk and costs, and ensure that the final product meets quality standards. For example, rice milling aims to maximize production yield (net weight), reduce broken grains, and ensure compliance with industry standards and trade contracts.

Overall, it empowers the ag, food, and industrial supply chain and improves the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes. Enabling improved decision-making, increased efficiency, and enhanced product quality. It can inspect various materials, including particles, powders, liquids, and surfaces. Vision of Things(TM) is compatible with various devices and can be accessed and operated on various platforms.

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